I found “Love”

I decided to post these pictures, because of how much this little girl means to me. I have had the opportunity to be in this little girls life from birth to now very closely and have a hand in her rearing. I’ve always loved children, but the moment I became an Aunt changed my life forever. I feel as though I found a new meaning of love. I love her unconditionally and as if she were my own child. Being able to see how much she has changed from birth to currently being a year old has been such a detailed and amazing experience. Learning her different cries to taking her to get her shots, feeding her to seeing her crawl for the first time. The moment she held her head up to watching her personality form. This little girl has given me a glimpse and taste of what parenting is like. She created a world when she arrived and so many people fell in love with her.


This precious baby is my pride and job; Nala 🙂


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